Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said that a house without dates has no food.

Health Benefits:

Dates are rich in dietary fiber, dates calcium, iron, sulfur, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, copper, and magnesium.

    Dates give instantaneous energy and rise stamina and tolerance levels.

    Dates are good for the GI tract. It combats the most stubborn case of constipation and bowel irregularity.

    Dates have Beta glucan which is very good for diabetes.

    Dates prevents spiking and excessive oscillation of the blood sugar level.

    Dates can also prevent the multiplication of worms and parasites in the bowel.

    Dates are used to treat anemic conditions.

    Dates manages anemic headaches, breathlessness and dizziness successfully.

    Dates also promote healthy heart functioning. The fruit checks a range of cardiovascular diseases.

    Dates are also good anti-oxidants.

    The fruit is fully packed with iron content which helps in building up the hemoglobin and fight anemia.Potassium prevents the occurrence of cramps which are fairly common during pregnancy.

    The high content of sugars in dates like fructose, glucose and sucrose makes gives you instant energy.

    Has high amounts of vitamin B complex.

    The soluble fiber gives Health Benefits of lowering LDL ( low density lipoprotein - bad cholesterol).

    It is found to relieve fever, edema and abdominal health problems.

    The gum from the trunk is used to treat urino-genital ailments and diarrhea.

    Dates are believed to give health benefits like strengthening the uterine-wall during pregnancy.



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