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 Boneless Chicken - 1 kg (chopped into very small pieces)
 Garlic cloves- 4
 Onions- 1/2 kg (chopped in chunks)
 Peppercorn,kali mirch whole-  8 no's
 Fennel seeds,saunf (not powdered fennel)-1/2 cup
 Cloves,laung- 4
 Cinnamon stick,daalchini- 2 no's
 Big brown cardamom,badi elaichi- 4 no's
 Green cardamoms,choti elaichi- 8 no's
 Salt to taste
 Dried ginger powder,shounth- 1 tbsp
 Oil- 1 and 1/2 cup
 Rice flour- 1/2 cup
 Milk- 250 ml
 Water- 1 litre
 Crispy fried Onion- 1 cup (for garnish immediately before serving)


 1. In a pressure cooker add chopped chicken , water and all the ingredients except oil, milk and rice flour.

 2. Cook on Medium high heat, and turn down the heat to simmer after 2 whistles. Let it simmer for about 45 minutes to an hour. Turn off the heat and leave it like that till all the pressure is released.

 3. Open the lid of presure cooker and stir with a wooden spoon (choncha) till all the ingredients mix up.

 4. Remove the bones, if any and the cardamom covers, cloves and cinamon sticks, if visible.

 5. Put the rice flour in 1 cup cold water and make a paste.

 6. Put the pressure cooker back on flame and add the rice flour paste and keep stirring the mixture.

 7. Now add milk and then add about 1 cup oil.

 8. Cook it on medium high heat, stirring every 2 minutes until you get the desired consistency, may be for about 45 minutes till oil starts leaving the sides of the cooker.

 9. Serve hot with crispy fried onions and oil on top, preferably with kashmiri bread.

 Tip-chop the chicken into very small pieces so that you wont reqiure much more stirring.

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