Wednesday, 29 April 2020


Maida - 2cups
Sugar - 1 tsp
Baking powder - 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Curd - 1/2 cup
Oil - 2 tsp
Water for kneading
Corriander leaves finely chopped
Sesame seeds


1. Add maida, baking powder, salt, sugar, oil and curd in a mixing bowl. 

2. Knead a smooth dough with the above ingredients, also add water if required. 

3. Cover with a moist cloth and rest for 1 hour.

4. After one hour slightly knead the dough again with light hand.

5. Make 4 equal portions of this dough. 

6. Gently roll to oval shape using rolling pin. make sure you do not make too thin nor thick and not bigger than your tawa. 

7. Sprinkle some corriander leaves and sesame seeds on it and press again with rolling pin. 

8. Flip the naan and grease this side with water. 

9. Slowly put the greased water side on hot tawa and slightly press.

10. Now after a minute, flip the tawa upside down and cook naan directly on flame till it turns golden brown.

11. If the naan falls from the tawa when you flip the tawa then, put naan directly on gas flame and cook on all sides till it turns golden brown. 

12. Once cooked, put the naan on plate and brush with some butter.

13. Serve hot with any dish you like. 

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